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When the Party's Over

Post-election chat with Sonia Poulton on July 5 (morning after the day before)

Over the last 4 years there have been people who have spoken out about the loss of freedom - and loss of free speech - overseen by our globalist government and echoed by a globalist Labour Party opposition. Many people who stood up against the tyranny of the last 4+ years are standing for election - mostly as independents or under the banner of the smaller political parties.

In this short video I discuss the part being played by independent voices in the election with David Kurten, Leader of the Heritage Party, and Sonia Poulton (Wake Up with Sonia Poulton).

Please give it a listen. The message is simple: consider voting for a candidate who knows the constituency, is an independent voice and a free thinker. Those are things that are made very difficult by being a member (or candidate) for a big, inflexible, political party.

You may also wish to listen-in to Sonia’s morning programme tomorrow (Friday) when we’ll be engaging in a bit of post-election chit-chat about winners, losers and breakthrough candidates. I’ll be on from shortly after 9am.

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