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The Bitcoin Bull Run

Jeff Peel with Rick Munn and Natalie Cheale on TNT Radio

I appeared on TNT Radio on Friday with Rick Munn and Natalie Cheale to discuss the rocketing price of bitcoin. It was a short piece, and I had much more to say. But it shows that people - and the media - are waking up to the fact that bitcoin represents a safe harbour away from fiat currencies.

There’s growing appreciation that central banks are rapidly losing credibility and control - as US debt reaches $34trillion (and UK national debt approaches £3trillion). This vast spending and associated debt is THE major driver of inflation - the ‘tax’ that undermines the value of fiat money.

Comments are open so please feel free to chip in your perspectives.

Also, just to clarify that the TNT Aussie production team (that control the video captions) placed me in “Belfast, Ireland, UK”. They couldn’t fit ‘Northern Ireland’ into the caption generator. (Hope that’s enough to put off a diplomatic incident between the UK and Ireland).

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