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MiriAF on TNE

Miri and I discuss the new King Charles 'portrait', the role of monarchy, ARC, and the success of independents in recent by-elections .

MiriAF has developed quite a fan-base in the fragmented ‘freedom movement’. Of course, it’s not really a movement as such. Given the nature of those with a more free-thinking approach to everything, the ‘movement’ keeps splintering - and there are many lone wolves. However, Miri’s unashamed conspiracy theorising has been revelatory for many of us since she ‘emerged’ out of the Covid tyranny. Some of what she suggests is shocking. But her writing sparkles.

She’s also a proud conspiracy theorist. But there is a consistency of thinking about her conspiracies. While James Delingpole (who has also interviewed her) found common ground in her identification of nefarious intent by ‘them’ - she tends not to focus so much on their satanic characteristics as Delingpole. Rather, Miri regards much of those who skew the dice in their own favour as psychopathic. They get off on power. They treat ‘normies’ as play-things. And they hide behind shadows and big egos.

But there are, handily, plenty of lower-order people willing to do their bidding. And there’s a hierarchy. Even ‘royal’ families aren’t the people pulling the strings. Nor supranational organisations. Rather, there’s a very small number of families with vast intergenerational wealth - and they are not prepared to let go of their power or influence any time soon.

The Prince Charles gets poked in the chest by a Rothschild

This handful of families who call the shots clearly buy influence from a hierarchy of helpers - and media organisations.

A central tenet of Miri’s arguments (brilliantly articulated in Miri’s Massive Missives) is that ‘they’ pretty much control the narratives and the media and most Western governments. However, Miri’s view is that there’s a way of undermining their nefarious tactics (designed, ultimately, to cull us). And that’s about using democracy (of the most local kind) to our advantage - just as we did in the Brexit vote. Before they decide (on our behalf) that democracy serves no good ends, we need to claim it back.

In this discussion we touch on many of the themes explored by Miri in more depth on her substack and podcasts. We start off by discussing King Charles’ latest portrait unveiled earlier in the week.

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