Jul 4, 2022 • 53M

Jeffrey Tucker on Lockdown, Statism and the State of Democracy

Brownstone Institute Founder in Conversation with Jeff Peel

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Jeffrey Peel
Jeffrey Peel and others from The New Era team meet with leading lights from business, politics, economics and academia.
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Jeffrey Tucker and his team at Brownstone Institute have argued very effectively against state overreach following the Covid 19 fiasco. In this interview he provides a chronology of what went fundamentally wrong in terms of the US and UK government responses to the Wuhan outbreak. He also touches on the fallout from lockdown and Covid coercion - and the likely punishing impact on the Democratic Party at the mid-term elections in November.

About the Brownstone Institute

The motive force of Brownstone Institute was the global crisis created by policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. That trauma revealed a fundamental misunderstanding alive in all countries around the world today, a willingness on the part of the public and officials to relinquish freedom and fundamental human rights in the name of managing a public health crisis, which was not managed well in most countries. The consequences were devastating and will live in infamy.