This excellent piece is well summed up by an article written by Jeffrey Tucker "the insufferable arrogance of the constantly wrong"

It was a very encouraging interview.

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Jul 4, 2022Liked by Jeffrey Peel

Insightful commentary from Jeffrey Tucker.

Thank you for bringing this voice of sanity to our attention Jeff. Major takeaway was his assessment of the wide-spread US anger and total loss of trust in the political/ruling classes and their utter failure over the last two years. My suspicion is that this anger and distrust is also as deep in the UK, other Five Eyes nations and across mainland Europe.

His assertion that this global chaos has been orchestrated by as few as c. 100 individuals that he could name similarly grabbed my attention.

I too hope you get him back after the US midterms.

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Thanks Trevor. I'm pretty sure the anger is as palpable in the UK as in the US. I did enjoy the Jeffrey chat, and I'll try to get him back on at the end of the year.

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