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Ukraine, Conspiracy Theories and Nuclear Power

In conversation with Pelle Neroth Taylor on TNT Radio

I appeared on TNT Radio a couple of days ago to discuss a variety of topical issues…the escalation of the war in Ukraine, conspiracy theories and nuclear energy. These days, of course, issues and topics like this are all interconnected in some manner.

On Ukraine, for example, some commentators have been suggesting that that there could be some nefarious involvement in the Crocus Stadium attack and the work of secret service actors in the US, UK and Ukraine. The claim, by the British and American media (almost immediately after the attack) that it was the work of ISIS, didn’t seem to hold for very long. George Galloway MP, wanted to know, for example, why Barak Obama had visited Downing Street just a few days before the attack. We discuss these ‘angles’ in the interview.

More generally we discuss mainstream media’s role in spreading official misinformation - and the need for so-called conspiracy theorists (AKA free thinkers) to come up with other explanations for bizarre geopolitical events.

The conversation then turns to Net Zero and the possible role for nuclear in the energy mix. I didn’t really get the time to finish the point it was making - but I did refer to this post of a few days ago (see below).

Do let me know what you think in the comments. I’m keeping comments open here for free and paid subscribers alike.

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