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Reform and the Indie Factor

Election 2024 analysis with Sonia Poulton

As trailed yesterday I popped onto Sonia Poulton’s Wake Up programme and livestream this morning to pick over the election results.

The chat is featured here.

We focused on the success of independent candidates on the left - winning on the strength of their protest votes on the Gaza issue. Keir Starmer also saw a significant dent in his majority because of Gaza/anti-Zionist campaigner, Andrew Feinstein. And Jeremy Corbyn was victorious in Islington.

On the right, of course, the big story was the success of Nigel Farage and the Reform Party. But, of course, this didn’t turn into much in terms of seats won (currently sitting at just 4 seats despite polling more votes than the Lib Dems, with 71 seats currently).

The Conservatives and SNP, meanwhile, were pushed to the political side-lines.

The abiding feeling is that Sunak was simply passing the baton to Starmer. Both Conservative and Labour Parties are now clearly Corporatist/Globalist aligned - in thrall to the Military Industrial Complex and carbon lobby. It’ll be left to a bunch of indies and Reformers to provide something of an opposition.

Feel free to comment…I’ve left them open for paid and free subscribers.

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