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Putin, Ukraine and Bitcoin

The David Kurten Show on TNT

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing David Kurten for this site. We covered a lot of ground. But on February 12th David started his own show on TNT Radio. The TNT team asked me if I would appear as a guest on David’s second show on February 13th. This was just a few days after the airing of Tucker Carlson’s Putin interview.

We discussed the current geopolitical situation in Ukraine, Gaza and Russia. We discussed some of the content of the Putin interview. We also discussed economics, debt piles and even bitcoin.

Since the interview, bitcoin has soared well above the $50,000 I reference in the interview (as of right now it’s trading at close to £47,000). But my point that $ hegemony is under threat is even more valid today than it was then.

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