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Jonny Woodrow

Our latest GE2024 focused conversation focuses on truth, beauty and Nigel Farage

Jonny Woodrow is a writer, commentator and podcaster who discusses the role of comedy speaking truth to power. And, for the early part of our conversation on this podcast, we discuss this - but then go off on something of a tangent (or several). But it’s interesting nonetheless. Incidentally, Jonny mentions ‘Abi’ in the early part of the podcast - he’s referring to Abi Roberts.

Jonny tends to start from the premise that truth, beauty and a moral order are part of the fabric of the world. But we’re currently in a period, he argues - a new era - where global leaders (typically technocrats) have forgotten this. And many people don’t seem to have noticed that things have gone distinctly strange.

Jonny and I come at this discussion from slightly different perspectives but arrive at a similar conclusion. Jonny has a background in theology and Christian philosophy. Whereas I tend to look at things from an ethical humanist perspective. But both of us in this chat bemoan the fact that leading politicians seem intent on telling us how to think - and want to engage in nation-building to their own technocratic specifications (even Nigel Farage). As Jonny puts it, they tend to believe that humanity is “stock to be managed”.

However, we all have moral compasses and yearn for our political discourse to get back on the rails again after the last four years of authoritarianism.

Quite a few of the UK’s current crop of would-be stock managers and media manipulators get a mention in this chat. The conversation ranges from Kant, to Calvin Robinson to Jordan Peterson. Oh and Nigel Farage. A great moral and philosophical primer in the lead-up to the UK 2024 general election. Enjoy.

I’m leaving the comments open on this one - to all subscribers (paid and free). So do comment.

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