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Gemini, Musk and Soros

Sonia Poulton and Jeff Peel on TNT Radio

Yesterday I appeared on Sonia Poulton’s show on TNT Radio. My bit appears here (in video format). (By the way, I was at home in Northern Ireland for the recording - not in ‘West Ireland’ as per the caption).

Let me explain the context.

Last week there was something of a furore about Google’s new “AI” tool called Gemini. This allows people (for a fee) to generate images and also receive text generation help based on just a few prompts i.e. it’s Google’s version of Chat GPT and AI-based image generators, rolled into one product. However, the furore was all about the fact that Gemini seemed to be very, very woke.

Message appearing in Google Workspace user email accounts plugging Google Gemini

Indeed, it provoked Elon Musk to say that Google was institutionally woke and that its products were similarly so. Therefore, he said, he might just develop competing products to Google to prove how committed to free speech X (formerly Twitter) really is. Sonia explains more in the video.

We concluded, in the chat, that this was a classic ‘limited hangout’ i.e. an opportunity for Google to make people aware of its new product (now being pushed out to corporate users of Google products) - and for Elon Musk to do some selling under the guise of free speech (sugging, in marketing parlance).

We also touched on a new campaign (and report) by Big Brother Watch - and wondered whether this is another example of a limited hangout (by the Soros-funded ‘privacy rights’ think-tank).

Thanks to Sonia for having me on her show (again).

Oh and another plea. I have no paying corporate benefactors. All of the content on this site is provided free. So I’d ask, if you can afford it, please consider taking out a paid subscription. I’d be really grateful if you could. I only have a handful of paid subscribers - yet thousands of non-paying subscribers. Many thanks in advance.

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