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GE2024: David Kurten

The Leader of the Heritage Party, David Kurten, chats with Jeff Peel about GE2024

I interviewed David Kurten a few months back. But now he’s focused on a general election campaign and is fielding candidates in over 40 constituencies. The Heritage Party is a small party and depends on donations from grassroots supporters rather than Hedge Fund owners or former Tory grandees. So fielding so many candidates in so many constituencies in such short order is no easy task.

In this interview I ask David to speculate on why Rishi Sunak called an election for July. He hints that, geopolitically, we may be facing rapid change. He elaborates on his view that currency wars, proxy wars and illegal immigration could help explain some of the tectonic shifts going on politically.

We also speculate on why Nigel Farage has returned to front-line politics and whether George Galloway might be re-elected in Rochdale.

But…the conversation focuses on the prospects for independents and challenger parties in an election where most of the uniparty candidates will be parachuted-in SPADs parroting globalist nonsense.

Towards the end of the interview David makes a plea for donations. He’s trying to raise £50,000 to help with his party’s campaigning. If what he says resonates with you you can donate here.

You can find out more about the Heritage Party and its candidates here:

Just a note, by the way, that I’m giving a platform to independent and small parties to get their messages across. It’s up to you to reach your own conclusions on whom you support. But, in my view, the uniparty candidates don’t deserve it.

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