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Bob Moran in Conversation

Today I had a long overdue catch-up conversation with cartoonist Bob Moran. We discussed the UK General Election, Gaza, Nigel Farage and much, much more.

Bob Moran is a satirical cartoonist who shot to fame across the world when the Covid tyranny began. As the lead cartoonist on the Telegraph (and then as a freelancer) he articulated better than we could our outrage about government overreach, vaccine coercion and the assault on freedom, particularly the freedom of children. 

As we enter the hustings period in the lead-up to a UK general election I wanted to get Bob’s perspective on where we are in terms of democracy and party politics. I wanted to know would Bob be voting, was any politician a potential saviour, and is there any hope for a better future. 

You can find out more about Bob on his website or his X/Twitter account. You can also watch his show, Art-Pocalypse here.

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