Bob Moran and Jeffrey Peel

In Conversation with Sonia Poulton on TNT Radio

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I was delighted to be asked to join Sonia Poulton on her first morning programme on TNT Radio yesterday. TNT is an Australian based radio station that broadcasts round the clock on the web - and via a live YouTube stream.

Yesterday, Sonia’s guests included Bob Moran, the cartoonist (formerly of The Telegraph, now proudly independent) and myself. My segment starts at around 37:30 mins in.

Just a note that my caption indicates Belfast, Ireland rather than Belfast, UK. I appreciate the political sensitivities - but let’s forgive the Gold Coast production team :)

I discussed the WEF/Davos event, the ITV Drama Mr Bates v The Post Office, and Twitter’s commitment to freedom of speech.

Many thanks to Sonia for having me on her inaugural programme.

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