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Abi McGuire: Independent Candidate for Wells & Mendip Hills

Our interview series with independents and small parties standing in the UK general election

Abi McGuire was fed-up with the bickering and back-biting in parish and district councils in her constituency. So she did something about it and stood for election - and was elected alongside 2 other independent candidates.

Her next task was to free-up the death grip that party representatives had around council business. So she, with other independent councillors, started to focus minds on getting work done through collaboration.

Abi’s view, and it’s a view I share, is that parties with their manifestos and egos, tend to get in the way. People, focused on the community, tend to focus on objectives and work.

And this approach to politics, according to Abi, should apply in Westminster too. The party-political system is dying. It’s time for independents to represent people.

In this short interview Abi sets out her stall. She’s standing in the new constituency of Wells and Mendip Hills. And you can find out more about her and her values here:

I’m not sure I’d agree with Abi on everything. But that’s the point. Politics should be about people sharing ideas, arguing their cases (and those of their constituents) and moving things forward. The current situation of party politics disassociates politics from individuals working together. And political parties, as we know, can easily be bought.

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