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This is an international and one of the most important of the 4 grand slam tournaments where the organizers must make sure that the athletes are in good health and not contaminated and also take measures to protect them from contamination.

So, if a tennis player has 3 dozes of vaccine and is also contaminated with the virus it's ok to allow the player to participate in the tournament, but if a player is not contaminated and is not vaccinated should not be allowed to participate.

Does that really make sense to you?

I admire Djokovic not only because is the best tennis player in the world, but also for position on human rights, his honesty, dignity and principles things that are very rare to find in a person nowadays.

I hope his message will wake up the corrupted minds who enforce these inhuman measures of unreasonable lockdowns, coercion, censorship, useless vaccine passports that did and do more harm than good, creating mass fear and psychosis responsible for more deaths than COVID-19 virus itself.

Shame on Australia government who can enforce such inhuman rules not only on its citizens, but also to an international event.

Novak, you are a wonderful soul and you are a winner already.

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Australia are treating a 34 year old elite athlete, in peak physical condition, who spends most of his time outdoors, and has virtually zero chance of being ill with Covid, as a health risk.

He's not a health risk; nor is he a risk to hospital resources. He's just a challenge to the authority of incompetent, authoritarian, and small minded politicians.

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what a load of anti vax bullshit, the way the writer quotes "vaccinated" he clearly still believes vaccines cause autism and we're all chipped with 5g.

Anyone with half a brain would say they respect his choice not to be vaccinated but the country has the power, and right to decide who enters. as with countries who demand people to be jabbed with yellow fever or malaria jabs etc etc.` global pandemic, people have had to witness people die, why should one millionaire be above the rest? go home i say

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