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No brainer.

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Sorry, but I steer clear of Twitter, and other tools...

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The WHO benefits billionaires. We lose more freedoms! When wealthy shareholders sniff next billion $'s, EG. bird flu, human pandemic they will lock us down, spray, mask & inject us! Please wake up, read empirical science & listen to highly qualified, PhD's, MD's & Prof's warning!

See below, so powerful. This episode with leading US lawyers should be enough to wake up UK Politicians, Doctors, Nurses, Police and especially, Judges & Lawyers, to the massive 'health benefits' and 'profits' to be made by standing up, against Big Pharma. Yes 'against' Big Pharma, MSM and their willing or unwilling puppets!

It's time to demand open debate on the pandemic and the idiocy and cruelty that followed. It's time to demand an honest, fair and well funded NHS. The truth is out, it's time to wake up and be counted, before the greedy, power hungry and brainwashed repeat the same mistakes all over again!

If this podcast-episode and supporting documentation does not wake you up, then as many scientists have warned, you will be directly contributing to many more injuries and deaths for decades to come! And you will effectively be consigning the poorest members of society to ever worsening conditions!


Love & Understanding - Make peace not war!


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I no Twatter glitteratum but "YESSIR"

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