Oddly, I do leave 2022 feeling slightly more comfortable than I left 2021. More people are openly condemning the MSM. They are also asking more questions, refusing to be 'part of the herd' and being a little more stoic in the face of disapproval from family and close friends. These are good signs. There is a hell of a way to go, and (inevitably) frustrations will (and do), burst through periodically. We are all (after all) human .. well at least until trans-humanism takes hold (but that's tomorrow's battle). Switch off what is not of interest. Avoid the frustration of being part of the roaring hordes by staying away from them wherever and whenever possible. Don't bang saucepans in your front garden just because your neighbours do (even if you like them) if you think it's a waste of a good cooking implement and you're in the middle of something much more interesting. Don't be a good little Pavlov's doggie. We lost our dog earlier this year - but I have had many a wry smile and warm recollection this Christmas of his independent spirit (overshadowed only by his kindness). The dinosaur era is ending. Day after day now I'm only really interested in the next era and how I might best fit into that.

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The lid's been blown right off by Sasha's Truth Bomb.

Long watch but exposes very clearly who's been behind the whole scamdemic caper from the get go.

If possible please share the heck out of this. Thanks.


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Sadly in N. Ireland, MSM still holds great sway--just look at our NHS, no mask, no entry, no mask, no service, we need to vaccinate babies and pregnant women---wall to wall SUCESSFUL propaganda. I wonder why ,having had 11 articles published by our paper,I can no longer get a look in? And still no access to politicians.

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