Thanks to Bret Weinstein for pointing out that we got our maths a bit wrong on the Australia/New Zealand slides. I'll amend the video and reload shortly.

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It is undoubtedly the worst medical intervention in the whole history of medicine. Those of us who could see this coming have watched in horror as this disaster unfolded beginning in late 2020 when the first scientists started warning what was likely to happen with these experimental injections. But besides all of this, I wish people would not talk about deaths from *ovid and a 'novel' pathogen. This myth of a new and deadly infective agent was the means, supported by the fake PCR test, to create the illusion of a pandemic, to create fear among the pubic and thereby to allow the WHO in league with pharma and corrupt governments and regulators to get these drugs on the market. The reality is that has been no pandemic, only a pandemic of testing and a pandemic of misdiagnosing deaths and a pandemic of inappropriate medical treatments causing deaths. Injections were never necessary - even if you believe there was something unusual or novel out there, it only had a IFR no greater than the common flu. That alone could never justify the mass medical madness of a campaign aimed at vaccinating every mad woman and child on the planet. Now we have a real 'pandemic of vaccine injuries and deaths' which is monstrous. This has been and continues to be a crime against humanity, injecting toxic substances into healthy unsuspecting people who were never properly informed about the risks of these unnecessary injections. I hope I live to see people hang for this crime — mass murder and wrecking of peoples lives — for that is what it is.

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Of course they will claim the Covid deaths would have been far more without this so called vaccine. Their model science giving the much touted 20 mil lives saved. More than likely the converse is true as described by @ABridgen https://twitter.com/ABridgen. With the statement in the UK house today by Matt Hancock and the Conservative Whip suspending pending investigation of @ABridgen.

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There is no COVID19.

If you read or listened to Andrew Bridgen MP recently, he would have alerted you to the fact that the Security Services warned MP’s in August 2019 not to take the COVID19 vaccines - as they were a bioweapon.

COVID19 does not exist in nature.

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There is absolutely NO WAY to prove that someone would have been worse off without the vaccine. Absolutely no way to test it. Btw, they didn’t do many needed tests. The jabs are killing people. Period.

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One of the best, easy to access, demonstrations of the ineffectiveness (at least in saving lives), of these experimental injections (I cannot bring myself to call them 'vaccines' since they are clearly not), I have seen. Well done. Yet, the legacy media continue to push these horrific injections. And the hounding of Andrew Brigden by the Conservative Party and the BBC, highlights how warped our politics and media have become.

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405 diseases since 1989 are all adverse events from vaccines - Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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Excellent analysis. I feel compelled to share this link every time some dead-head politician spouts off about "millions of lives saved across the world". From this John Hopkins data-set - I'd like them to explain where.....exactly?

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Thank you so much for making this, I will be sharing it heavily! Excellent job!

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Not at all impressed, sorry to say.

In December 2020 my email exchange with UK MHRA proved that there is no virus in vivo or in vitro. There is only an in silico genetic sequence, created by recombining bits and bobs of gene sequences in a computer programme that were procured by rtPCR dubious methods in Wuhan labs.


As can be seen from the links provided in my article, I have good reason to suspect that the roll out of 5G, beginning in Wuhan for the UN Military Games was the root cause of the sickness we know as Covid19. The correlations are starkly obvious if you follow the 5G roll outs and the incidents of Covid around the world from Jan 2020 until present.


Now it is virtually impossible to avoid the overdose of electro-magnetic frequencies beamed at us 24/7/365 from low orbit satellites like StarLink and that explains why we continue to see people dying worldwide.

The vaccines were made using graphene hydroxide and this has shredded cells, veins, arteries and organs at a horrific rate. So there will only be more and more deaths until people realise that there is no virus - COVID 19 IS A TECHNOLOGICAL ILLNESS AND NOT BIOLOGICAL.


Dr Noack died trying to tell the world..... for goodness sake heed the man!

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Very Interesting data, thank you. When you say cumulative deaths, is this all cause mortality or specifically COVID deaths? If it's the latter, what constitutes a COVID death? If it's a PCR test, is the data even admissible given what we know about PCR tests? Would be interesting to see excess deaths before and after vaccination

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Ok, I was forced to revisit this video - because some guy wearing a white coat thought he could assert authority over me. He lost.

Sadly, Jeffrey believes COVID is a real disease and also believes epidemics exist. None are true,

All epidemics and pandemics are PLANNED in advance.

I was debating Dr Mike Yeadon on Twitter in 2020 and I told him the virus and COVID19 was a hoax. Up until December 2022 he continued to peddle the fairytale COVID virus - when he finally admitted that there was NO VIRUS.

Let that sink in for a second, the former Vice President of Pfizer now admits there is NO VIRUS.

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Amazing work well done and thank you.

Also amazing how those family/friends + others who we love and care for will no doubt continue to throw it back in our faces, in favour of their loving and caring government leaders who have all of our best interests at heart.

Just another day in the life.

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Why does music have to be added to everything these days including informational vids?🤔

What's it for?

To make it more entertaining?

But It's about conveying information not that.

If these experts were giving public talks would they have to have music playing in backgound? 🙄

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You are not comparing like with like. You are presenting the data as though these were two separate populations, one starting vaccinating and one not. But that's not the case. One graph shows the early stage of the pandemic where the virus was less transmissible, fewer people had it and it was more deadly. The other line is for a quite different situation.

If you use 'before and after' data you would need to predict the outcome of continuing the non-vaccination and compare that with the actual outcome.

One way to do that would be to look at countries who started vaccination later and see what pattern emerged. But it would still be largely ;best estimate'.

The heavy background music suggests you are trying to convey a view rather than examine the evidence.

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And now we're giving 2 or three doses to infants ...


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