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Before and After

The Covid 19 Vaccine Story

In conjunction with Joel Smalley of Dead Man Walking we are proud to present the most definitive study of the impact of the Covid 19 vaccines on every country in the world.

The study shows, based on detailed empirical evidence, that post-vaccination Covid deaths have been 75% higher in the year since C19 vaccine roll-out across the globe. All but a handful of nations have suffered with higher Covid death rates post-vaccination. But the countries that have suffered the most are those that have had the highest rates of vaccination - and associated, draconian mandates.

As we ask in the piece:

Why should vaccinating healthy people have a benefit on mortality when it is also well-established that the vaccine does nothing to impede transmission?

But, in fact, when the scientific literature is already replete with evidence of substantial risks associated with vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic, especially with a so-called “leaky” vaccine such as the COVID one which does not neutralise the virus.

In the face of this overwhelming, empirical evidence, who could make a claim that the vaccine saved any lives, let alone millions and expect to be taken seriously when 95% of the countries of the world have the same or worse outcomes after the mass-injecting of their citizens?

Honestly, is the COVID vaccine effective at anything?

Or, is it the worst, experimental medical intervention in the history of civilisation?

The New Era
The New Era
Jeffrey Peel