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Spot on.The whole issue of accountability is a major impediment to good Government and has been exacerbated by the proliferation of Quango's(particularly since the era of New labour but continued with enthusiasm ) and our previous membership of the EU.It has been exacerbated by the policy responses to Covid and the total abandonment of Government responsibility in favour of the Public Health "Experts".The warning that most people have no idea of the scale of economic damage coming down the line (in a very personal way in terms of real disposable income)is very true and it will be this which will effect voters perceptions.The BOE is of course in a form of economic zugzwang with a pincer movement of rampant inflation and excessive debt-compounded by a Public Sector that has seen employment escalate over the pandemic combined with collapsing productivity.Its not a rosy scenario!

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Insightful. Scary. 45 minutes of sense from this doyen of the private sector - listen and learn. Maybe even fully 'wake-up' to the appalling situation the UK, at least the 'ordinary' citizen, now faces. Another timely interview from Jeffery Peel - so done Jeff.

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Rishi “The Fake Chancellor” was and is out of his depth.

Talked a good game, like a football Pundit on TV.

If they had to borrow in the REAL world without QE, they would be paying 10%-20% or even going to a loan shark. We will never see a government surplus again, the government model (I&E) and balance sheet liabilities are no longer realistic but that does not matter in the QE world. We are living well beyond our means and have been since 2008/09.

The WHOLE government rushed decisions in March/April 2020 without any thought what so ever. Press who gave them examples of businesses struggling and then pay them money for it.

We all know businesses that were struggling before COVID. He only needed to give Business Rate holiday for businesses that were FORCED to close.

Furlough scheme. Just had to pay people what they would got on the dole without having to sign on.

And the Help to Eat out . . . .. say no more

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Fascinating observation into how the British public were brainwashed.

Johnson attributes part of the problem to the media being dominated by left wing journalists but he also says that they were following the instructions of Ofcom.

How difference was that to what we are being told today about Russia. Their citizens are being fed fake news from the Kremlin? Were we not being treated like that in 2020 and 2021?

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"There is such little resistance largely because billions of people believe what they read and what they are told by the news media. A healthy dose of distrust would serve the global populace well, if only it could release itself from the grip of mainstream corporate news".

We Create Our Own Reality – OffGuardian (off-guardian.org)

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