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Breath of fresh air.

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Nowhere near enough, Jeffrey. The solution to this is to complete wipe out the current systems of control, including the whole notion of capital markets and corporations. The whole centralised system needs to be replaced with a decentralised one. The technology is ready, the tools are there, it just needs enough people to understand the enormous benefit. It is inevitable. The only unknown is how long it will take.

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Excellent post. Today I'm going to allow myself to accept (wholesale) the optimism that the worm is turning.

I left corporate life well over a decade ago. I'd spent over 20 years in it and I felt it was time to leave. Not everyone (as we all know) in a corporate environment is a bad person - but I resonate completely that the bad guys have been winning. During my 20+ tenure in corporate life - amongst the awards and promotions, I've also experienced corporate bullying, unfair dismissal, punishment for refusing to 'go along' with harmful activities that in every case was toxic to someone - and in one case - downright illegal (for which the company I worked for at the time was investigated by a swarm of anti-trust lawyers). I even experienced one psychologically disturbed individual use my 'no-children' (but happy) heterosexual relationship as an opportunity to put a fictitious rumour about the company I worked for that I was gay. Sadly, before I pieced together the rock-solid proof I needed to haul this pathetic reptile's butt up before H.R - she left. I'm sharing this for no other reason than if you add up all the people - in all the companies - across 'western' enterprise as a whole - you don't have to be ensconced in an Enron to know you have a (big) problem.

And herein lies the issue. Once a significant portion of any entity becomes full of disgusting reptiles - you quickly see 'reptilomania' quickly assume control of the ship's bridge. In this 'Holocaust Memorial Week', it's worth remembering the Nazi party's worst excesses were only possible because an insufficient number of people had the spunk to stop them. I can see some rolling their eyes at (yet another) application of 'Godwin's theory' in practice. I don't care actually - I'll keep saying it as long as it needs pointing out. Why? Because hopelessness is rapidly contagious!

Just this week - I've checked myself as I was starting to architect plans around the various outbreaks of totalitarian madness before realising if I do that - I am part of the problem! Push back - retake control and refuse to accept what is clearly abnormal and unhealthy.

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