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Last week, my friend’s 15-year-old daughter was cornered by her “friends” and called a “Nazi” because she is “anti-vax”. I wrote her a letter of support. After sharing that letter with a number of concerned parents, I’ve been asked to publish it here, as it may help other children experiencing similar abuse.  

I was very sorry to hear that you experienced some nasty bullying the other day. I was bullied when I was your age, so I wanted to tell you a bit about my experiences, and also address the ignorance and spitefulness of those weak-minded people who were so unkind to you.  

When people say nasty things, it usually means they are scared. The majority of human beings fear pain and death, but some people are especially afraid of being ridiculed, of being embarrassed in front of others. The more insecure someone is, the more scared they are of being judged by their peers and potentially being excluded from their gang. Seeing others suffer makes them feel better because they are relieved it is happening to someone else and not them. People who purposely hurt others and get a feeling of satisfaction from it are called “psychopaths”. Deep down, these people often hate something about themselves, or are ashamed of something they’ve done, but instead of taking personal responsibility for this, they project their self-hatred onto someone else.

I once had a very cruel and disturbed boyfriend. I could see he was in deep emotional pain because he’d had a rough life. I thought I could help him by showing him love. Unfortunately, he couldn’t accept my love and the more I loved him, the more aggressive he got; he said and did awful things to me. Fortunately, I found some supportive people who helped me leave him and keep him away from me forever.

Maybe I got into a relationship with a bully because I was used to my so-called friends treating me badly at school. You don’t need to agree with your friends all the time, but your friends should always listen to you and show you respect. Ultimately, friendship should be about sharing good times and bad times, enjoying each other’s company in the good times and supporting each other through the bad times.

If I could turn back time and go back to being 15, the one thing I would change would be my friends. I chose the wrong friends. I desperately wanted to be in the popular “group”. I had a miserable home life because my parents were going through a bad divorce, so I craved love. Maybe I was trying to find a replacement family. I was sent to boarding school, which is a pretty unnatural place to be. I do not believe boarding school is a healthy environment for most children because they can easily feel deprived of love. Deprivation of healthy love is often the first step on the road to becoming a psychopath.

People are particularly scared of the things they can’t control. We are living through very disturbing and disruptive times; so much seems to be changing rapidly, without warning or discussion. When people are frightened, they cling to what appear to be popular beliefs and “go with the crowd”. They don’t want to stand out or challenge anyone for fear of being singled out and persecuted. This is what happened in Germany in the 1930s. Hitler and the Nazis started persecuting Jewish people. They made up all kinds of disgusting lies. They told people that Jews “spread disease” and that Jews had “stolen” the German people’s money. They said the same about anyone who didn’t “fit in”, such as gypsies and very outspoken, artistic people. Basically, you were only safe in Nazi Germany if you agreed with the Nazi propaganda and supported the persecution of people who had been targeted by the hate campaign.

We are now witnessing a new hate campaign. Nasty lies are being told about people who are described as “unvaccinated” or “anti-vax”. The people who believe this propaganda are very confused because these terms are meaningless. We do not yet have a vaccine that is 100% effective, guaranteeing you will never catch covid, so an “unvaccinated” person cannot pose more risk to others. The “covid-19 vaccines” (sometimes referred to as “coronavirus vaccines”, which is misleading as it incorrectly suggests efficacy against all coronaviruses when we know they have only been manufactured to fight against SARS-CoV-2) cannot technically be classified as vaccines. A “vaccine” is a drug that more or less guarantees full immunity, but loads of “vaccinated” people are developing covid. It has now been confirmed that these drugs do not stop you catching or transmitting covid, they only “reduce symptoms”, so they are not vaccines in the traditional sense, they are a kind of pre-emptive medicine for people who are scared of feeling too ill (people who are scared of suffering, see!) Most healthy people catch covid and other respiratory diseases naturally. They might feel ill for a few days but their natural immunity to those viruses (and any emerging variants) is likely to be more robust than any partial immunity given through synthetic drugs.

There has always been debate over the pros and cons of medication in general. Some people will argue that we should medicate people for absolutely every ailment they experience: a kind of “avoid any suffering” attitude. But many drugs have side effects that will make people more unwell than they would have been without them. So we allow people to make their own choices as to what medicines and drugs they want to put into their bodies. Of course, it’s hard to know what the long-term side effects of drugs will be unless we conduct ongoing experiments. And that brings us back to the Nazis.  

Once the Nazis had brainwashed people into believing that Jews were “disease spreaders”, they felt justified in experimenting on them against their will with novel medicines and psychological treatments. Many Jews were harmed and died. Eventually huge numbers were murdered. This led to the Nuremberg trials and the writing of the Nuremberg Code that sets out strict rules about whether you can force people, or even put pressure on people, to take part in a medical experiment or accept medicines if they don’t want to.

Everything we have been put through since March 2020 is a medical experiment with potential far-reaching physical and psychological impacts on individuals and on wider society. We have been denied access to our friends and family members, we have been told to wear masks on our faces, we have been forced to look at a sea of masked faces and denied the sight of human smiles, we have been made to take tests, and we have been coerced into taking novel drugs for which we have no long-term safety data. Some people have been threatened with losing their jobs if they do not consent to taking these drugs. To have done all this to us without the express, individual consent of every person impacted is clearly a breach of the Nuremberg Code. We have never lived like this before; it is an experiment. Those promoting covid “vaccines” deny we are conducting an experiment – they have even set up websites that claim to “fact check” and refute it, using semantics to wriggle around the definition of “experiment”, just as they’ve tried to change the definition of “vaccine” and “vaccinated”. They must be terrified of being implicated and found guilty of collaborating with actions that breach human rights and ethical boundaries like the Nazis were in the Nuremberg trials.   

If anyone is behaving like a “Nazi” right now, it is any person putting pressure on someone to accept an injection of a drug against their will, or suggesting they are selfish or stupid for declining it. Even if the offered drugs were true, effective and safe vaccines (of which we supposedly have many), to coerce someone into taking any drug against their will is abusive and criminal. Remember, one of the key tactics of an abuser is to deny any abuse is taking place.

Some people argue that if everyone doesn’t take “vaccines” we will be overrun by disease. This is ridiculous. Most diseases are eradicated by improved living conditions, such as adequate sanitation (working toilets and safe sewer systems), and good nutrition. You would likely save more lives in a poverty-stricken African village by giving them clean running water and a toilet in every home than by sticking drugs in them all. But there would be less profit for the drug companies if you did that.

Ultimately, vaccines are not an issue you can be absolute about. Most rational people are not “pro” all vaccines or “anti” all vaccines. Historically, some vaccines have been proven to be extremely safe and effective, others less so. And there is debate over how and when we should administer vaccines to people. The one thing we know for sure is that while many vaccines do confer immunity, none confer immortality. To suggest, for one moment, that an “unvaccinated” person is a mortal threat to others is the most appalling lie, and to bully and punish people who do not consent to taking vaccines is completely unacceptable. We must never make hard and fast rules about all vaccines; we should always keep the conversation about vaccines open and transparent to avoid making terrible mistakes. 

People in large companies are often very good at manipulating facts and telling lies in order to sell more products and ‘get on’ in the company. Have you been told recently that we need to “vaccinate” 80% of the population in order to achieve “herd immunity” and eradicate “the virus”? This is a big, fat LIE! This is propaganda pushed by the people who will benefit, financially, from more people taking the injection. In the 1980s, people were told, “If you don’t drink cow’s milk, your bones won’t grow strong.” This was a big fat LIE pushed by the dairy industry to increase sales. In the 1950s people were told it was perfectly safe to smoke cigarettes to soothe their “nerves”… a big fat LIE made up by the tobacco industry to sell more cigarettes. They managed to hide the truth for years and now we have millions dying of cancer and lung disease.

Lies about people who have legitimate concerns about these new “vaccines” are being spread by people just like the Nazis. They are trying to turn the words “unvaccinated” and “anti-vaxer” into terms that mean a person who is “spreading disease” and doesn’t deserve the same rights as others. Words mean nothing until they are given meaning. The word “dog” means nothing until we all agree it means a specific animal we identify, genetically, as a dog. In Nazi Germany, the word “Jew” was given new meaning; it meant someone who was “a spreader of disease and a thief”. Eventually the propagandists made people believe that Jews were “subhuman” and did not have the same rights as all human beings. These actions were deemed “crimes against humanity”. People spreading such lies about the status of others are anti-human; they are trying to redefine what it is to be “human” because they want to feel superior over other groups. They want to be “elite”. They want more power, more money and more status than other people… usually because they feel very insecure and frightened.    

Throughout history the same kind of status-craving propagandists have attempted to attach “subhuman” status to words such as “homosexual” and “negro” and even “Irish” and “Catholic”, and more recently “Islamist”; telling horrific lies about people they put in those categories to try and oppress them and make others hate them. Eventually people fight back and we mount campaigns to support those who have been marginalised and persecuted. We must stand against all hate campaigns. Distance yourself from anyone using discriminatory terms such as “unvaccinated” and “anti-vax” to oppress others.  

I hope you now see how confused your friends are. When they try to hurt you by diminishing your human rights they are behaving just like the Nazis did. Do you see the incongruous irony of them calling you a “Nazi” when it is their behaviour that most closely resembles what the Nazis did?

And here’s something else to think about.

What was behind Hitler’s lies about the Jews? Well, Germany was broke. The German economy was crashing because they had messed around with the prices of goods so much and Hitler was scared that he’d be blamed for people’s savings disappearing and the country falling on hard times. To deflect the blame, he made people hate the Jews and blame them.

What we are experiencing across the world right now is similar to what happened in Germany in the 1930s but on a global scale. The economic systems of most countries are so closely intertwined we are now all part of a “global economy”, and that “global economy” is in serious trouble. Governments have been creating too much money out of thin air, and borrowing vast amounts from each other – secured on nothing. The “global economy” is in a debt spiral it can’t get out of. There is hardly any real money any more, it is mostly electronic… just figures on a balance sheet. The people in charge of all the money must be very scared; maybe they are thinking to themselves, “something must be done”.

When Hitler was in trouble and scared of the country falling into economic collapse, he decided, “something must be done” and started telling lies to deflect the blame away from himself and the leaders of Germany. Do you think it’s possible that our “leaders” might be telling lies to deflect the blame away from the fact they’ve run up debts they cannot pay? If you had a company and you’d spent all the money in it, and got lots of loans, and spent them, and you had no money left to buy supplies or pay people’s wages and pensions, you’d probably try to hide it and blame other people for your actions. Well, I’m talking about the generic “you” here because I am sure you, specifically, would hold your hand up and take responsibility, because you are a person with courage and integrity!

People who call you names have no moral courage. They have lost their way. They know they are spreading untruths but they are too scared to stand up to the authorities and call them out for lying. Sadly the world is now full of these people, thinking it is acceptable to go that way… to discriminate and judge, and perpetuate lies.

Don’t worry, though, the name-calling bullies always lose in the end, even if they make our lives hell for a while. We seem outnumbered by them at the moment but this will soon change. In the 1990s, one of my friends became a vegan. There were hardly any vegans then. People laughed at her and told her she would become unwell, as she couldn’t get all her “nutrients”. She was ridiculed and called “difficult”. There wasn’t a single restaurant where she could get a meal. Now? Loads of people want to be vegan. There are vegan menus and vegan options everywhere. It’s cool to be vegan. You see, in the end human beings always want to follow the people who are strong, humble and brave, not those who are weak, scared and nasty.

Today, people are racing to get injected with something that is essentially a gene-editing drug that sends “instructions” to the body’s cells in a similar way to how a genetic modification drug sends “instructions” to a carrot seed to make it grow more orange. This is the first frontier in genetic engineering of human beings. What could go wrong? A LOT! People are not carrots; the human body is a very complex machine and each one of us is unique.

At the moment, you are witnessing the hysterical behaviour of a lot of frightened people. Some are scared of dying but most are scared of standing up to authority and not going along with the herd mentality. No doubt in 20 years from now it will be seen as a huge weakness to have pumped your body full of genetic engineering drugs; it will be cool to be an original, organic human being!  

You may feel a bit hopeless right now, but take heart… many great leaders started out as lone pioneers. You are one of our future leaders, one of the pioneers. It’s hard to stand up to bullies, especially when you are young, but you have so much support from your family, and from their friends, like me and my family. Anyone who treats you unkindly is not a friend. Choose your friends wisely. I eventually learnt to be better at choosing friends as I got older but I wish I’d learnt sooner. You are experiencing a harsh lesson very early on in life and that is tough, but it is also valuable; hold on tight and you will get through it. All the best people face human suffering head on and emerge as stronger and more powerful individuals; only the weak avoid pain and suffering. I know it hurts to be treated with such contempt by the people you thought were your friends, but you’re going to be okay. You are loved.

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