The Non-Disclosure Pact

Throughout history, oppressors have chosen minority groups to persecute. Oppressors are very skilled at persuading the majority of the population to go along with their plans. African people were officially bought and sold as slaves from the 1500s right up to the late 19th century. Society accepted this.

The Non-Disclosure Pact

In the early part of the 20th century, Jews and Romanis were increasingly persecuted throughout Europe. The lack of widespread challenge to this allowed for genocide to take place during Second World War. In the 1980s, worldwide hysteria over the HIV virus and AIDS epidemic gave rise to homophobia, and vicious attacks on gay men occurred while many turned a blind eye. For all these reasons, we have international laws that protect an individual’s fundamental rights and privacy, and we need to be vigilant for new tactics that could enable oppression. Those who seek to segregate and oppress people, often for financial gain, will always look for new ways to label people and cast them out of society. Recently we have seen this done based on people’s cultural and political beliefs. Cancel culture is a real problem in today’s world. But the creep of biosecurity measures is much more alarming. Do not allow your health to be weaponised.     

Your medical records are YOUR business. Your health history is YOUR business. Whatever physical and mental health issues you have had in the past, you are entitled to keep this information to yourself. There is a very good reason for this. When personal information gets into the wrong hands, you are at risk. You are at risk when your private financial details get into the wrong hands, but any data breach can normally be rectified. If your private medical details get into the wrong hands, they could be used against you to devastating effect.

This is why it is essential that we do not declare private medical information to anyone other than a doctor of our own choosing. We should not be uploading our private medical information to an app that could easily be accessed by anyone. Imagine someone knowing that you attempted suicide when you were 19, or that you caught Chlamydia when you were 25. Should these details be accessible? No, they should be private and well protected. 

A health apartheid, through vaccine passports or vaccine status disclosure, not only threatens the lives and freedoms of a group of people defined today as the “unvaxxed”, it threaten the lives and freedoms of every person on the planet. Today, you might be in a group deemed “fully vaccinated” because you got two injections. Tomorrow, this might be invalid and you might be forced to take any number of injections before you are “allowed” your freedom. This is an egregious new form of slavery and we must stamp it out before it takes hold. 

You are being cajoled into believing it is acceptable to reveal whether you have chosen to have the covid vaccines under the false premise it proves you do not have covid. We know that the “vaccinated” can catch covid and can transmit covid. They are just said to experience fewer symptoms. If true, this suggests the “vaccinated” could be a greater risk as they are less likely to stay at home when they have mild symptoms. Either way, no one should be rewarded or disadvantaged based on their willingness to accept medical treatment. We live in a free society and we must all protect that, for our own sakes and the sakes of our children and future generations. 

Please, if someone encourages you to “prove” your vaccination status – whether you have been jabbed or not – say “I have taken the NON-DISCLOSURE PACT because I do not believe in segregating people based on their medical records. I stand in solidarity with my fellow citizens and will not support any form of apartheid.   

Please do not support businesses or enable employers that discriminate and use methods of apartheid. Ask your local businesses if they are “open for all” and if they have signed the “together declaration”. Even amongst friends and family who casually ask if you are “vaccinated”, say, “I have taken the non-disclosure pact, which means I don’t reveal medical information to anyone but a doctor of my own choosing. I am anti-apartheid and stand in solidarity with those being defined as “vaccinated” and those being labelled as “unvaccinated”.

Always remember, if you allow apartheid and segregation against others when you are part of the designated “in” group, you support a system that could be turned against at any time and cast you into the “out” group. We the people, we have the power, and we must unite against apartheid of any kind.

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  1. This has nothing to do with the pandemic and all to do with control of the world population which will lead to depopulation.
    The persons pulling the strings want a scared, sheepish populace that will do exactly as ordered, they don’t want people to think or act individually and definitely not question the narrative.

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