The Great Reveal

If you thought Monday 19th July 2021 was “Freedom Day”, you were mistaken. But you were only off by a week. The real “Freedom Day” was Monday 26th July 2021 because this was the “great reveal” day – the day when the majority of us discovered the whole truth about why we are where we are. And now that we have that information, we can take the right action to change how the future unfolds.

This is the first day of our new path to freedom.   

The specific mechanisms that brought us to this point – the lies, the propaganda, the twisted facts and cleverly altered definitions that were employed to nudge and corral us into our current unreality – will all be stuff for the historians to elaborate on, and for the judges and juries to use to convict those responsible. But at least we now know what it was all designed for, and what it was leading to. In this revelation there is clarity, and clarity brings relief, even in the face of danger.

For a long time we have known that we are not here because there was a deadly pandemic of an incurable disease that swept the globe, so serious that it was necessary to divert funds set aside for medical research and innovation for all other illnesses in the pursuit of a vaccine that could save us and become a silver bullet offering rock solid, lifelong immunity from the disease, so that our kind and caring leaders could buy this “safe and effective” elixir for every person on the planet in order to save humanity from extinction.

We are not even here because the opposite of this end point was desired and nefarious forces reverse engineered it. In other words, in order to drive humanity to the brink of extinction, our (not so) kind and caring leaders trashed the already declining economy and ordered excessive quantities of dodgy life-threatening gene therapy drugs from companies they held shares in by convincing everyone they were likely to die from catching a virus that, in reality, any healthy person would shake off (as they do any other respiratory virus), and even the weak and elderly could recover from if given early treatment.

We can now see that the truth lies somewhere between those two theories. It took a while to see it because it was muddied by the convergence of numerous opportunists: interest groups cashing in on a period in time when the majority of the world’s population had been hypnotised into a state of utter hysteria by pushing the narrative in certain directions in order to achieve their aims. Big tech, big pharma, the communists, the fascists, the globalists, the eco-warriors, the disgruntled Millennial/Gen-Z cuspers all saw where they could capitalise on the instability caused by the reaction to an amplified respiratory virus; anyone looking to seize profit or control weighed in. Once you get the majority of people to believe that the sky is falling, it’s not too hard to persuade them that you and only you have the tools to stop it collapsing. This is less about “virtue” or “status” signalling than it is about “cause” and “saviour” signalling. Although how anyone can claim to care about the environment whilst promoting the use of facemasks, plastic screens and chemical hand sanitizer beggars belief.

Standing apart from the chief instigators (power holders and power grabbers) of this mess, and the corralled sheep that became their disciples, were the people whose lifelong natural immunity to bullshit and brainwashing tactics kept them sceptical. Many in this group had never encountered each other before and thus a fresh and ingenious hive mind was born, comprised of right-wing libertarians, left-wing liberal democrats (small “l”, small “d”), spiritualists, atheists, natural health practitioners, registered nurses, artists, academics, the young and the old, straddling all sectors of society; a group that harnessed what Matthew Syed describes as “the power of diverse thinking”.

This multi-faceted and grounded group of hyper-aware realists knew one thing for sure: things simply did not add up. They poked and prodded the facts, puzzling over why rational reason and common sense were falling on deaf ears at every hurdle; and they remained in the dark, grasping at clues. That is, until Monday 26th July, when all the pieces fell into place (Boris raging in full-throttle vaccine passport mania, Rishi announcing his centrally-controlled digital currencies and Macron pushing his French “health pass” through parliament) and the picture became crystal clear. Global leaders were not pushing “vaccines” because we needed inoculating from a disease or because they wanted to cull us (although this was probably a welcome by-product for those yearning for depopulation); they were pushing them to get us on “vaccine passports”. But these aren’t really vaccine passports; they are “digital IDs” and they aren’t for the purpose of identifying us in order to monitor our movements, they are for the purpose of controlling us. And they will control us by issuing centrally controlled digital currencies and telling us how and when we can spend our allowance.

That’s right, folks, the government is going to give you an allowance, pocket money if you will. But the government will also tell you when you are allowed to go to the shops, which shops you have permission to go to, and which items you are allowed to buy. (You’re okay with that, right? You’re happy to scan QR codes wherever you go, yes?) If you do not comply, your money will disappear. Ultimately, remember it’s the government’s money, not your money. You will own nothing. And you will be happy. Okay?

Because if you’re not happy about it, well, you just won’t be here, it’s as simple as that. You will be told if you can work, when you can work and what work you can do. You will be told if you can travel, when you can travel and where you can travel. You will be told if you can go out, when you can go out and where you can go. Individual independence, personal freedom and human agency will all be things of the past. People who desired such things will be phased out, excluded from society, and eventually eradicated. You will be given money – enough to exist on – but you will do exactly as you are told or your privileges will be curtailed. Sound familiar to anyone who’s lived through the past 16 months in most former Western democracies?

This is all to “rescue” us from complete economic collapse. Because when people realise their governments have run out of money, run out of credit lines, gambled away our reserves and are on the brink of hyperinflation, they will get angry. Governments hope they can segregate the “angry and aware” from the “hypnotised and compliant” (this is going well so far), then cancel the former and enslave the latter.

For anyone who doesn’t understand economic cycles, the dangers of hyperinflation, the value of purpose and economic production, and the ultimate unsustainability of quantitative easing (the endless printing of money), here it is in parenting terms. When you reward children with pocket money for completing age-appropriate tasks, you empower them. When you let them buy what they want and they regret forgoing the nice jacket in favour of a week’s supply of crisps and snacks, you teach them about value. Conversely, when you let children believe that they are entitled to their pocket money, they become listless and uninspired. When you dictate what they are allowed to spend their money on, you rob them of their human agency, of learning through experience, of growing.

What was the biggest clue to the dawning of this dystopian reality? Furlough. Paying healthy, creative, energetic young people to stay at home and do nothing but stare at screens and order junk food did them a disastrous disservice; it was dis-incentivising, destructive and demoralising. We have told the young, bright and creative minds of tomorrow – the entrepreneurs, the actors, the musicians, the artists, the dancers, the restaurateurs, the bar staff – your services are not needed; you are surplus to requirements. We will pay you to fester in your homes.

A good parent encourages their child to create and be productive; helps them understand that we each have a unique purpose in life; shows them that we all have intrinsic value in our ability to contribute to human evolution and progress. A good government understands that people don’t just want to be paid to exist, that all attempts to coerce and control the populace end badly, and that the only means to recover any economy is by stimulating production and human activity without too many restrictions and pressures. The greatest threat to humanity always comes when there is too much imbalance between those who hold all the wealth and power on the one hand, and those who have power in numbers and physical strength on the other hand. This is because those in power – through their political position, celebrity status, or wealth (or all three) – are completely out of touch with humanity. When you gain too much power through money or status, you dehumanise yourself and think yourself invincible and godlike. When you have a jackboot stamping on your face you have nothing to lose and become fearless in your defiance. There will always be more of us than there are of them. They seem to have forgotten this lately.

The economists and political strategists are not going to fix this. Most of them understand numbers but not human nature. The same goes for epidemiologists, geneticists and bioengineers. Many of them have a blind belief that the automation of services, artificial intelligence and dehumanisation will solve our economic crisis. They’ve got all the models to “prove” it. But if you apply theoretical models to living beings you don’t understand, you will fail. When you try to engineer utopia, you will inevitably build a dystopia. When we fight dystopia we inadvertently and unconsciously create utopia.  

If you have the smallest shred of sanity left in your brain, an iota of responsibility in your bones, a whisper of truth in your heart, one last breath of hope for humanity… you must resist and fight all attempts to issue “vaccine passports” via coercive measures with every fibre of your being. No excuses.

We will win. The only question is when.

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  1. You have perfectly summed up where we are as a society at the moment and where we are unfortunately heading unless we quickly open our eyes, ask quality questions and look behind the rhetoric. Look who is saying or writing the propaganda, where the money is and in who benefits from it!

    Thank you Anna…

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