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We all know the form by now. The government leaks a new draconian policy position – the next iteration in the progression to towards total control – and there is outrage, especially across Twitter. None of this outrage is reported in the mainstream media. The BBC treats the idea of vaccine passports for young people to gain entry to nightclubs as perfectly common sense – to address the fact that young people seem reticent to get a jab that offers them zero utility and may threaten their health.

But it’s encouraging that our “young people” – or some of them, at least – have enough free-thinking abilities to judge for themselves. Illegal raves are an alternative to nightclubs with overpriced drinks, after all. 

But now our mop-haired Prime Minister is apparently “raging” that the young ones are clearly planning such evasion tactics. Therefore, he’ll mandate double-jabbing to allow university students to return to college. Except, of course, most who have just completed their academic year probably had little opportunity to set foot on campus anyway. Instead, in return for fees of over £10,000 a year, university students got to attend a few Zoom calls to hear a few lectures. Frankly they may have done better on YouTube.

In the 2021 National Student Survey 53% of students were less than content with the quality of learning and teaching through the COVID pandemic.  58% of students felt that the university or college had not taken adequate steps to support their mental wellbeing.  And it’s hardly surprising that their mental health is taking such knocks with such a shockingly poor service from our centres of learning, awful value for money and a perception that university lecturers regard actual physical students as disease vectors. Safeism and scientism now walk the virtual cloisters. 

The government’s pathetic attempts to scare the young into vaccine compliance will not work. People – especially the free thinking – abhor government diktat. The more raging the Prime Minister becomes the more young people (supported by their parents) will dig their heels in. And, frankly, why would anyone in their right mind (never mind highly intelligent university students) be suddenly coerced into taking a vaccine that’s nothing of the sort? Vaccines have been tested. The Covid-19 “clot-shots” are being tested on vast swathes of the population and the adverse reactions (based on the so-called yellow Card system) are significant. According to the government’s own data, “as of 14 July 2021, for the UK, 91,567 Yellow Cards have been reported for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, 222,291 have been reported for the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca, 10,109 for the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna and 939 have been reported where the brand of the vaccine was not specified.”

It is, of course, the case that people will report adverse reactions and the numbers of reports will be higher when such a very large number of people are receiving the shots. The government lays this point on thick. However, this level of adverse reaction is very high in relative and absolute terms – especially within the relatively young cohorts.  These young people do not face any material threat from the virus yet are exposing themselves to risk from the experimental vaccine. To be mandated to receive a medical procedure in these circumstances – in order to receive an education that they are paying for (often by taking on a debt burden) – is utterly incomprehensible in a supposedly free democratic society. It is fundamentally immoral. 

We know the form. The government rolls out one oppressive measure only to take it a stage further. Lockdown, extended lockdown, lockdown again, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports. Soon, no doubt, they’ll start building social credit systems into vaccine passports and next the passports will be the delivery platform for a central bank digital currency.  We get the drift and we don’t like it. 

The chain of escalation must be broken. The first steps towards a national ID and digital vaccine passport system are unacceptable to us who value freedom. We see through the leaks, we know where this is going. It must stop, now.


2 Replies to “Stop This”

  1. Are the number of reported effects, caused due to the vaccines via the ‘yellow card’ system a mere fraction of what is actually happening?

    When I ask people if they have reported their adverse reactions via the ‘yellow card’ system I get blank looks and then a justification as to why the symptoms were not attributable to the vaccine.

    Are we actually getting the true picture and is it being openly reported? I think we already know the answer to that particular question!

  2. I believe you give this government more credit than they deserved, to be plotting to undermine freedoms when in reality they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

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