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Zika: A Trial-Run for a Panic-Pandemic

Dr Randall Bock tells the sorry tale of a near-pandemic, manufactured by ego, money-driven bad science and media manipulation. Sounds familiar?

When Dr Randall Bock first sounded alarm bells about the so-called Zika virus and the attempts to create a pandemic panic around it, he wasn’t to know that his timing was terrible (even it was a major scoop). There was a new manufactured panic in town called Covid 19 - so he’d have to wait. 

But with the benefit of hindsight, and taking a fresh look at Zika, the parallels between it and Covid are remarkable: a plucked-out-of-obscurity virus, the creation of a fear campaign around the ‘virus’, and the spending of taxpayers’ money on a vaccine (based on mRNA technologies). 

In this film - based on an exclusive interview - Dr Bock explains to me how Zika got the Eureka-moment treatment by doctors working in Brazil, how the story was constructed around Zika causing microcephaly, and how Fauci, Moderna and others jumped on the gravy-train. It’s an astonishing story. 

Randall published a book last year called Overturning Zika: The Pandemic That Never Was. It’s available on Amazon.

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The New Era
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