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Why is Linda Yaccarino the new CEO of Twitter?

Linda Yaccarino’s most recent post on her LinkedIn profile was published almost exactly two years ago - in May 2021. The title of the post is, “Why trust matters.”  

The prose is hardly sparkling. Her style is that of a middle-ranking executive in a media organisation - NBC Universal - notable only for the blandness of its content.  

Although what else, let’s face it, could she write?  The business model of any organisation that offers content in return for consumer eyeballs is advertising revenue.  That presents a challenge for Elon Musk and his roster of corporate backers and bankers.  They need just a bit more bland to attract advertisers that like safe.  

In this our latest video opinion piece, we have a look at what this new CEO Davos woman can bring to Twitter X. Will Yaccarino be the media doyenne who can prove that Twitter 2.0 might just represent a new world order built on messaging, media, and money?

Or is she just Musk’s latest limited hangout? 

The New Era
The New Era
Jeffrey Peel