The End of Covid

Alec Zeck on Germ Theory and other Covid Myths

According to Alec Zeck, at the heart of the Covid tyranny were two myths. 

One was the idea that pandemics could be caused, with incredible rapidity, as a result of the release of a super-deadly virus particle. In the early days of the Covid PR program (and “Covid-19” - the name - was part of this spin) we were led to believe that the dastardly germ particle emerged, remarkably, from a wet market in Wuhan. Then the idea of a man-made virus started doing the rounds: that some cloak-and-dagger government funded “gain of function” project was responsible. But both theories - natural emergence or government conspiracy - depend on this idea that a tiddly little virus can communicate itself across the globe and wreak havoc - and that we all must cower in compliance to survive.    


The second myth was that so-called allopathic medicine - the paraphernalia of the medical/pharmaceutical industry - can fix this especially nasty ‘pandemic’ problem with super-complicated interventions and pharma concoctions. 

Alec Zeck has been bravely fighting against these narratives with growing passion - inspired by personal experiences that he outlines in this interview. 

His position is simple: that Covid 19 was a money-making racket from start to finish. He argues - very compellingly - that virology (and much of germ theory) peddles spurious (or manufactured) pseudo-causality.  He goes further and states that allopathic medicine itself is at the root of the problem: chronic ill-health caused by healthcare industry dependency and big government.  

And now he’s wrapping-up his ideas and arguments into the EndofCovid project.  He explains more in this fascinating interview.

The New Era
The New Era
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