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If you turn a blind eye...

My interview with Right Said Fred

Over the last few years - during lockdown, and the ‘vaccination’ period - we heard precious little from celebs and the media about the loss of liberties and basic human freedoms. But, as nicely articulated by Fred and Richard Fairbrass in this interview, Right Said Fred took a position. And that position was that lockdown was destroying our society - and that the Covid vaccination programme was potentially ruinous. 

TheFreds. Not turning a blind eye.

Fred and Richard are, in fact, extraordinarily articulate - and self-deprecating. They didn’t expect to be quite so isolated in speaking out against the tyranny - and one that dealt so many death blows to the performing arts and our innate desire to be together and supportive of each other when times are bad. They assumed others - the mega-acts like Springsteen and angst-ridden ‘campaigner’ bands - would pick up the cudgels. But it was not to be.  Instead it was left to them and a few other mavericks to say what needed to be said. 

Like all of us on the right side of Covid history, they have been on a journey, to some extent spiritual. Their latest single sums it up.  It’s a spiritual war…and if you turn a blind eye you’ll get more than you bargained for. Thankfully, TheFreds didn’t turn a blind eye - and we have much to thank them for.

Here’s the official music video for Spiritual War.

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The New Era
The New Era
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