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Exclusive: Andrew Bridgen MP in Conversation

With Jeffrey Peel of The New Era

In the general election of 2019 Andrew Bridgen won his own landslide victory - taking the seat of NW Leicestershire with a huge majority and nearly 63% of the popular vote. His majority, in what was considered a red wall seat before he first contested it in 2010, increased to around 13,000. Of all the huge 2019 intake of Conservative MPs, few knew better the mood of the people of his constituency, their desire for the restoration of UK sovereignty, and their determination to get Brexit done.

But, three years later, Andrew lost his Conservative Party whip for criticising the government’s Covid policy - especially the mRNA ‘vaccine’ roll-out.

In this 50-minute interview I ask him about his position on the lockdown regulations, the mMRA vaccines, and the state of UK democracy. We also discuss the impending arrival of the Democratic Party entourage from the United States to UK shores - including the Clintons and the Bidens. We also discuss the so-called ‘Windsor framework’ - the latest attempt by the UK government and the EU to keep Northern Ireland outside of the UK single market.

Andrew is one of the very few MPs to have challenged the government’s Covid response and has stood firm against other potential losses of freedom. It’s for this reason that it’s an important interview.

The New Era
The New Era
Jeffrey Peel