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Challenging the Monopolist

Mojeek, Google and Censorship

Colin Hayhurst is CEO of Mojeek, a UK based search engine.

Founded over a decade ago, Mojeek has come into its own during the last two years as a privacy-focused search vendor delivering search results without an agenda. It has also built its own independent crawler technology - not relying (like Duckduckgo and others) on search platforms like Bing to serve results.

In the interview I ask Colin about Google’s dominance in search and what can be done about it. Colin talks about how Mojeek emerged as a player when - as long ago as 2004 - it became obvious that certain medical information wasn’t finding its way into the search results served-up by the globalist search brands.

We talk about search, web browsing and technology in the new era.

The New Era
The New Era
Jeffrey Peel