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Abi Roberts

on Comedy, Free Speech and Life

Abi Roberts has been the ultimate antidote to woke comedy and politics for the last two years of Covid madness. She first caught my attention during the London protest marches against lockdowns and Covid regulations - her Twitter videos captured the mood perfectly. Then I noticed her appearances on GBNews. Abi was also good enough to be the ‘warm-up’ before the New Era debate on Digital IDs in London in November.

I was delighted that she was able to make the time to record this short interview earlier in the month. It was recorded in the lobby of a London hotel - hence the background piano tinkling. Also the power in my camera gave up at one point so I had to move Abi to the bar in order to plug the camera into a power point. Hence the dramatic change of angle.

But we got there in the end and Abi provides some background to the infamous John Gaunt ‘incident’ on GBNews, as well as how the loss of her husband, followed by lockdown, re-defined her life and her career.

Be sure to follow Abi on Twitter and Substack.

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The New Era
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