Keep us Open

In the last year the big social media platforms have shown that they’re not too keen on freedom of speech. We can speculate on the reasons. Perhaps they have become too dependent on government or corporatist advertising. Perhaps it’s something else, who’s to say? But this site is a humble attempt to provide a platform for views and perspectives that used to be given air-time – but are no longer tolerated by legacy media.

Over time we hope to extend our editorial team and contributor network. We’re young but our traffic is building. But writing good content takes time and commitment from volunteers. If you like what you read perhaps you might consider attending our upcoming debate in London focused on Digital Identity. We have some stellar speakers including Bob Moran (the award-winning political cartoonist), Francis Hoar (the Barrister and legal commentator) and Bill McCluggage, former Deputy CIO at the Cabinet Office. Tickets are priced at just £20. We need to sell about 100 just to cover our costs – so please consider attending and supporting our debate series.