Face Liberation

As a writer, watching what has unfolded in the world over the past 15 months and trying to comment in real time and diarise for posterity, has been exhausting. At every turn, aghast at what has been done to people, I’ve wanted to scream from the rooftops. But it takes time to formulate one’s thoughts. It takes patience. Some pieces are ready quickly; some pieces take months to gestate. The urge is always there… to record, analyse and share. No matter what I’m experiencing, in real time, I’m also thinking about how it relates to something I’m writing.

As someone who has been deeply, relentlessly and systematically traumatised by the sight of masks and by the bullying of mask zealots (including by a member of the British Transport Police who saw fit to torment me and challenge me on my exemption despite knowing I was committing no offense), I wanted to comment on the horrific outpouring of mask worshipping by certain voices in the media in the wake of Monday 5th July’s announcement that they will no longer be mandated by any law. But I cannot express my feelings any better than Professor Robert Dingwall, who has tirelessly fought to protect our human rights, via his presence on government advisory bodies, against what can only be described as a complete coup by the combined interests of communists, biotechfascists and ecofascists.

Please put aside any preconceived ideas and beliefs you have around mask wearing, and read his words. Please encourage others – especially those who believe they are wearing masks for virtuous reasons – to read his words. Then please, for the sake of humanity, stop wearing masks. If nothing else, do it for the babies. They have been starved of human faces, and their development will have suffered if they’re surrounded by the masked. Take off your masks for the babies and smile at every one you see. There may yet be hope for the human race.

And thank you, Professor Dingwall, for your thoughtful, profound and courageous words. They are deeply moving.  

“As a member of government advisory bodies, I have always felt it would be incompatible with that status not to wear a face covering where legally required to. However, I shall cease to do so from 19 July when these requirements lapse.

I shall do this as an act of solidarity with all the people who have been exempt because of respiratory and neurodiverse conditions.

I shall do this as an act of solidarity with all the people who have been exempt because of trauma induced by previous assaults or abuse.

Both of these groups have often had a hard time over the last 15 months from police officers, street marshals, security guards, door staff and self-appointed busybodies.

I shall do this as an act of solidarity with all the people with communication difficulties, whether auditory and unable to lip-read, or visual and unable to use sound for reliable interaction and navigation.

I shall do this as an act of solidarity with all the small children whose education has been disrupted by the lack of visual clues, especially in language development.

I shall do this because, as SAGE, ECDC, WHO, CDC, CEBM, etc. have pointed out, the evidence of benefit in interrupting transmission from face covering is weak and ambiguous, allowing any partisan to cherry pick studies that suit their case.

I shall do this because, as the highly charged responses to the UK government’s announcement have shown, the main reasons for covering faces are now about fear and anxiety which will not be eased by clinging any longer to these comfort blankets.

I shall do this because I, too, am a moral person who cares about those with disabilities who are potential victims of discrimination, about small children whose development is disrupted, and about respect for scientific evidence.

If others take a different view, that is their prerogative. However, I will not allow them to suggest that I am less moral or caring and I will expect them to respect my choices as I respect theirs.”

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