Fear and Government

There was outrage yesterday that Recovery’s campaign calling for an end to fear based advertising by the government had been banned by leading outdoor media companies on spurious grounds.

Today I had the chance to interview Jon Dobinson of Recovery and ask him about the campaign.

In the last year the government spent £184m on advertising which has fuelled unprecedented levels of fear. According to the mental health chaity, MIND, the country is in the middle of ‘a mental health pandemic’. However, giant media companies won’t allow criticism that may damage their lucrative Government advertising contracts.

JC Decaux, the world’s leading outdoor media company, refused to run Recovery’s posters on the grounds that the Code of Advertising Practice bans political advertising, This is completely untrue. Trafford Council – the owner of the sites Recovery booked near the BBC – also banned it as ‘political’ and refused further explanation.  The intention was to place posters near leading broadcasters including the BBC and Sky – but this has been prevented by the ban.   

Working with a smaller outdoor media company, Recovery has secured a site for the poster in central London and will also still show it at the BBC via an advertising van which will circle the site.

Recovery’s Campaign Poster Outside the BBC

Results of a new independent poll commissioned from market research experts Yonder by Recovery reveal that the Government’s campaign of fear has had a shocking impact on the mental health of the nation. 15% of respondents reported depression, anxiety, or fear as a direct result of Government pandemic advertising. That’s equivalent to over 8m people.  

A further 7% – the equivalent of over 3.6m people – report the advertising has made an existing mental health condition worse: that’s almost 12m people around the country whose mental health has been damaged by an unprecedented Government advertising campaign designed to create fear.

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I despise this evil Communist Government with every fibre of my being; I will NEVER forgive them for what they have done to the people of this country, to our children and the economy – they are sadistic, monstrous tyrants, drunk with power and supported by a fascist police force. They will never get our vote again in our lifetimes, and I will do everything in my power to campaign against them. None of the three main parties are fit for purpose – I will support and campaign for any party which truly represents the people, without fear or favour. Nuremberg Trials; nothing less will do for Johnson and his cabal.

The constant messaging on the radio, on tv, in papers, around town, in the shops, on buses, shop entrances, on social media. It is constantly drummed into your head. I switched off most above a long time ago. What really drives me mad is every few mins when shopping messages over the tannoy to keep safe distancing, wear masks and wash hands. Really drives me mad over and over again repeated. It is disgusting what this present government has done to the people of the country. I will not vote for any of the main parties and will certainly support a new method of government because what we have is corrupt! It is not working for the people but corporations and the few!

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