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Time for a Fact-Driven Approach to Viruses

By Jamie Jenkins (Jamie is standing in the Senedd election for the South Wales Central region, and Pontypridd constituency, May 6). The default position of many countries over the past year – when there has been a rise in Covid-19 cases – has been to lockdown the entire nation. I believe there is a need […]

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Rishi’s Tax Dish

The UK Chancellor’s statement last Wednesday included lots of grandiose pronouncements about recovery and growth — but the most significant elements of his budget were tax rises that will stifle that growth. The increase of corporation tax (business tax on profits) to 25% (for the largest and most profitable companies) will result in the UK’s […]

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Even the mainstream media admit that the latest lockdown will result in a huge hit to the economy. But there’s precious little sympathy being offered to the people who have provided the money to allow governments to function, ever since governments became a thing. After all, goes the government line, we have to protect the […]