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A couple of days ago a friend sent me a clip from the Jeremy Vine show; I believe it was filmed a few weeks ago. Jeremy is someone I once enjoyed listening to, and even spoke to as a phone-in guest on his BBC 2 radio show a couple of times. He has always been acerbic but I remember appreciating his non-partisan stance. In particular, I recall, he encouraged fair debate on Brexit and on the issue of extreme environmental activism. But if the incident that occurred on his TV show did not horrify him, I can only assume he has completely lost his mind.  

In the clip, I saw a journalist I have come to know as Bev Turner being harassed by a fellow panellist whose name I do not know (and do not think I wish to know). That a grown woman in the UK in 2021 felt justified in speaking to another grown woman with such vulgar contempt and ignorance, on live television, shocked me to the core. I have not watched mainstream broadcast television since March 2020. Is this what it has come to? Please watch the clip before reading on.

If you were unable to watch the link for any reason, let me describe the moment. The fellow panellist demands to know which make of “Covid vaccine” Bev has taken. She goads, aggressively and not so passively, “Did you have the Pfizer or the Oxford AstraZeneca? I have a right to know, Bev. It affects me. I’m sitting here within feet of you, I have a right to know.” There follows some childish rant, after Bev offers some scientific insight, in which this woman suggests that, since Bev doesn’t have a medical degree she has no right to question any medicine the government dictates she takes. Wow. When Bev exercises her right not to discuss her medical history with this woman (or the general viewing public), the woman says, “The fact that she refuses to say, means to me that she hasn’t had it.” And?

One would assume that most rational adults watching this would be disgusted by it, but upon further research it appears that OfCom received thousands of complaints. But not about the abuse. People were furious that Bev dared to tell the truth, which is that all the medicines currently offered as “Covid vaccines” are still in clinical trials. Well if the public is not aware that all “Covid vaccines” are still in clinical trials until at least 2023, then, Houston, we have a serious problem. Every person who has received, or is going to receive, a “Covid vaccine” should have been clearly informed by the “vaccinator” that these drugs are still in clinical trials. The UK regulator has approved these drugs on the understanding that a) we are in a serious public health emergency, and b) there is no other available treatment. If either of those factors were found to be incorrect, at any time in what is an ever-evolving situation, the “emergency approval” would have no basis; the drugs would have to be withdrawn immediately. You can whistle any tune you like to avoid them but these are the indisputable facts. In addition, while government officials are very keen to claim that it is the roll out of “Covid vaccines” (and no other factor) that has “broken the link” between infections and death, no one – I repeat, no one – has ever suggested that these drugs a) prevent infection (as the rapid rise of the not-too-serious “delta variant” in “vaccinated” folk has proved) or b) prevent transmission (see also, “vaccinated” carriers of the “delta variant” infecting family members).  

Watching this altercation, I was reminded of being hounded by schoolgirls over whether or not I’d lost my virginity. They demanded to know my sexual experience status; they silenced me for a week to try to make me tell them. It reminded me of being harassed by a former boss who demanded I tell him whether or not I had a boyfriend and froze me out of meetings until I admitted that I didn’t have one, which he took as a cue to attempt sexual assault. It reminded me of my elderly relative who lived in terror of people finding out she was Jewish in the 1940s… because she knew it would mean death. 

I ask you to sit down and ask yourself a serious question: what have we become? 

This incident, broadcast on national television, has nothing to do with viruses or politics or health or medicines or even fear. The situation I witnessed was one of pure oppression and discrimination. On live television, one woman berated another woman because she felt entitled to a “better” status. The implication of this woman’s interrogation was, “I have a status that deems me an acceptable human being and unless you reveal you have equal status, I will deem you an unacceptable human being.” The belief upon which this statement was made is completely unscientific; the statement is simply a vicious verbal attack that seeks to undermine Bev’s rights as a human being. It is an attempt to dehumanise her. 

Moreover, a full understanding of the medical facts (cases currently being far more prevalent in people who are medicated than people who are not medicated) would suggest that Bev – if she had not chosen to be medicated – would be at greater risk of contamination from the other woman. But Bev does not seek to ostracise that woman, or claim a higher status. This woman must understand her responsibility. She is on national television. People will model her behaviour. Young people will model her behaviour. And unless she makes a full apology to Bev, this kind of behaviour will lead to chaos. Perhaps even death… as it eventually did in Germany in the 1940s. 

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. Pictures from the G7 Summit showed guests were maskless whilst catering staff were all masked. A photo taken at Wimbledon recently depicts the smiling faces of the Duchess of Cambridge and her friends having a wonderful time, laughing joyfully. But we cannot see the smiles of the ball boys and ball girls as they have all been forced to wear masks. Last I heard, we were engaged in uniting against discrimination, not creating new ways to impose it. None of this is okay. It is uncivilised, unBritish and unacceptable.

But there is a silver lining.

Bev Turner is a survivor. Bev Turner is a warrior. Bev Turner showed viewers that, when you are being bullied you must stand up for yourself and defend your human rights. Bev Turner’s behaviour will also be modelled.

Do the right thing, kids. Bev is fierce. Be more Bev.


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… “a) we are in a serious public health emergency, and b) there is no other available treatment.” On radio 4 yesterday there was discussion about the lifting of the restrictions, Sajid Javid (I think) said “deaths are low due to improved treatment. So there we have our “b)”.

Frankly there is so little clarification it makes one wonder 1 – does government have a clue 2 – what is the real thing going on here?

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