All Cash Monday

Starting Monday 21st June, every Monday is #AllCashMonday. By paying with cash we can all help those – who mostly earn cash – escape the digital creep, and to give hospitality a boost through better margins (banks pocket fees from digital payments).

The hospitality sector and workers have had a traumatic 15 months of restrictions. By paying with cash this will help independent businesses, too, as corporate chains are beginning to go cashless. Also, by paying in cash, serving staff are more likely to get cash from tips straight into their pockets.

On a deeper level, cash is the only truly democratised form of value exchange other than direct trade of services (which governments don’t like as it avoids tax).

We all should be concerned about digital creep. The lowest paid get a better deal from cash. There will always be tax fraud. But it is unconscionable to go after sole trader businesses, the plumber or nail technician who earns hand-to-mouth in cash, and not go after the corporations who evade/avoid billions.

So let’s do our bit. Let’s start by paying trades people in cash where we can. And let’s eat out – and pay in cash on Mondays to get things rolling.

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Cash can be crucial. Just imagine…you are over your overdraft limit and need to buy some food…a friend can lend you £20…but if they paid it into your account you may not be able to use it to buy the food. Perhaps you know someone this happened to…e.g. their income got zapped by the restrictions.

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