About TNE

The ‘new era’ in the UK started in March 2020. Prior to then we lived in a modern, liberal democracy. But then things went very, very wrong.

China’s approach to managing the outbreak of a ‘novel coronavirus’ – lockdown – was adopted by Italy, the UK and then most of the ‘developed’ world. While the disease was fatal for some – especially the very elderly and those with underlying health conditions – most people were only mildly affected, if affected at all by Covid-19. Lockdowns, however, became the preferred method of dealing with the disease in the UK.

This policy has resulted in a rapid removal of most of the most basic civil liberties that we took for granted before March 2020: freedom of association; freedom of speech; freedom to travel; parliamentary scrutiny of legislation.

The government has become all-powerful, mandating stay-at-home orders, the closure of business and travel curbs. It has also become the most important advertiser (propagandist) almost overnight, thereby ‘owning’ the Covid editorial agenda of most of the media. The BBC refuses to give voice to arguments against the government policy response to lockdown. Social distancing, a masked population, and mandated vaccination are portrayed as the definitive ‘science-based’ responses to the “pandemic”. However, not all share this view.

The New Era (TNE) is a website for people who don’t subscribe to the view (or aren’t completely convinced) that the wholesale removal of liberty is an appropriate policy response to a novel coronavirus – one of many coronaviruses that have been circulating and mutating within society for thousands of years.

The site has been established to provide a platform – to allow people to write about their experiences of lockdown, their relationships, their loss of liberty, their personal and business struggles. The small editorial team behind the site will seed the discussion and provide some of the content. But this is a great opportunity for you – regardless of where you are in life or geography – to write and give your view.

We also hope that creative writers – not just budding or experienced journalists – will consider writing for the site. Lockdown has given many of us more time to be contemplative and, possibly, to be more creative. Therefore we’re reviving the short story concept and encourage creative short story writers to submit their work to be published here. We’ll even pay a modest fee to all authors who get short stories (or long form articles) published on the site.